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Thank you for taking the time to check out my ongoing work – it’s much appreciated – Trev 🙂

I intend to update this page regularly so as to keep everything that supports my residency application in one place. The story behind this album (in progress) is a fresh new twist on the age-old, universal story of good vs evil which follows one mans introspective journey as he struggles to come to terms with past misdemeanours in his quest to rediscover his own truth and values. It is a multi-genre project which will seek to involve local musicians from many different spheres and will build on the success of my previous Hollow album while allowing me the opportunity to experiment using my previous experience in interactive media and visual design to enhance the live performance aspect. I will also be collecting authentic visuals specially captured in locations in the Mississippi Delta, Death Valley and Arizona for use in the final performance and other related media. I have a clear vision for for the realisation of this project.

Hollow and Paul Jones @ BBC Radio 2.

Thanks for playing my album Paul 🙂

Hollow Part 1 – Early Studio Version

Hollow Part 1

I’ve been a big fan of Trevor’s work ever since hearing his Hollow album, so meeting him earlier this year was a real treat. I offered to play on his next record but wasn’t sure if he’d take me up on it – fortunately he did!

Janis Ian [Multi Platinum Selling Grammy Winning Icon].

Hollow Live in America – Venue Whisky a gogo N.Hollywood

Album of the year on Severn FM – Happy Days 🙂

Click to Listen to and download Hollow – The Album

I love working with Trevor. First, he’s gender-blind. When he invited me to play on his album, he didn’t question whether I could hold my own as a pianist and arranger, so I led the band through the record “Fade to Grey”, and we made the UK jazz charts. 

Janis Ian

………comparable with some of the greats I’ve had the pleasure to work with. two of them called Lee—Albert Lee and Alvin Lee.”

Stuart Epps (record producer/engineer: Elton John, Led Zeppelin, Bill Wyman)

Demo Section for new album

The songs are written and I am currently recording them – the following pieces in this section are works in progress.

Judgement Day [project demos – in progress ]

The Heg
Judgement Day (more tracks to come 🙂

This years Grammy Awards.

Calling Nashville number 1 on Roots albums Charts.

Some Album covers

Some more examples of my work:

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Lazie Indie Magazine May 2022 click here to read full article (six pages).

Happy Days 🙂