This page features a selection of my songs, some from my albums and some from other projects – I might even put some demo’s of unreleased stuff up here from time to time maybe with a little bit of info about specific songs – these will tend to be tracks that may not have had as much radio exposure as the singles and many that haven’t been included in the live set etc. but they are songs that I still like so here goes 🙂

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All songs written by me and all songs available for licensing 🙂

Fade to grey (original version).

The original version of Fade To Grey from my Independence album. There have been several versions of this song, including a French version by Natalie Jean with the best known one being a duet with the wonderful Janis Ian … but this was the first and it’s just me 🙂

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What you say – feat: Paul Barrere (Slide Guitar).

I consider myself very fortunate to have had the late great Paul Barrere from Little Feat play slide guitar on a couple of tracks on my Hollow album. This one is ‘What you say’.

Should have stayed.

This is a track from an unplugged album I recorded ‘Live’ at Capitol Records in Hollywood. The album was called Face to Face and this is another track that I’ve never actually played live – but I might just get round to it at one of my solo gigs 🙂