FYC artist: Trevor Sewell – Category: ‘Contemporary Instrumental album’ – album name: I-Spies.

This is an album I’ve wanted to make for some time! It features eight original instrumentals, punctuated with just a smattering of spoken word, and is my tribute to the many private eyes, spies, and characters who inhabit that wonderful world we call Film Noir. It also features guest character appearances from the wonderful Mia Moravis, who also sang backing vocals. Here’s looking at you kid!

Artist: Trevor Sewell Album: I-Spies Category: Contemporary Instrumental Album

pic: Rosário Pereira
art direction:  Mia Moravis

“If Humphrey Bogart joined a band and made an album, this is what it would sound like!” ~ Ian Penman (UK Press)

Spy Vs Spy
Bridge Of Spies
Gone Rogue
Midnight at the Casino
The Man Who Knew
Shaken Not Stirred
Smoking Gunn

Special thanks to Nicky Forbes and Dennis Schiavon (drums and bass on tracks 4 and 6).

pics: Rosário Pereira
art direction: Mia Moravis

I-Spies – The Album – download from dropbox – link coming soon.